Can you realistically get a hold of a next-gen console in time for the
Holiday season?

Things are not like they were back in the day. Back in the 80ís, getting your hands on a video game system was not very hard at all. You could head on down to your local Toys Rí Us and just stroll in and out with an Atari or NES under your arm with utter ease. Most people didnít even know what a video game console was back then! Nowadays everyone knows what a video game system is, and everyone wants one. Those who donít want one; want one for their kids. Video games have gone main stream and in a big way during the last 5 years. The gaming industry pulled in about $10 000,000,000 US in 2004 (slightly more than the film industry). And the numbers will continue to grow as the gaming experiences get more realistic and involving.

PlaySation 3 We are on the cusp of the next-gen gaming consoles in this industry. With only a month to go until the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii launch, you got to ask yourself, will I be able to partake in this console revolution? The sad and honest truth is most likely no (at least not in 2006 anyways).

The reason being is that the population of gamers and gaming acceptance has grown considerably since the 1980ís. The age group of gamers has diversified from children and teens, to young adults and even adults now. Nintendoís strategy for their new console is to reach out to new gamers and expand the definition of a ďgamer.Ē Nintendo wants to bring in a whole new demographic of players who would not typically be considered gamers at all. With so many gamers now, Sony and Nintendo will not be able to keep up with the demand when their new consoles are finally released. This could get as ugly as last year, when the #1 Xmas item, the Xbox 360 was released.

The Xbox 360 was plagued with shortages last holiday season. Some of those who pre-ordered the system did not receive it until February 2006! Looking back six years ago when the PS2 launched, there was a shortage of units as well. Some people paid almost double the price for a PS2 on EBay during the 2000 holiday season. The same scenario played out last year when the Xbox 360 was released. EBay has already removed pre-order slips for the PlayStation 3, stating that you can not auction off something that you do not yet own.

Nintendo Wii During the last week of pre-orders in North America, Game Stop stores have literally sold out of both the PlayStation 3 and Wii, within minutes of opening. Customers have spent the night on sidewalks ensuring their position in line, in order to purchase the ability to purchase a PS3 or Wii! Only 5 to 20 units are available per location. The reason being is that many unsatisfied customers last year had to wait months until they got their pre-ordered Xbox 360 premium bundle. Game Stop naturally did not want to make the same mistake again this holiday season.

So it looks like all the next-gen PS3ís and Nintendo Wiiís belong to the hardcore gamers and dedicated parents of those little hardcore gamers. They were the people who had the courage to get up early and wait in line, ensuring that they had the latest and greatest gaming system available for Xmas time. Game consoles only come out every 3 - 4 years, but every time they do, they take the cake as the most coveted holiday season retail item. If you are really desperate to get your hands on one, there is always EBay!

Contributed by: Cain
Source: Game Spot

- November 3, 2006

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