Arun Chey

alias: Founder / Webmaster / Executive Editor

Words of Wisdom:

My anime DVD collection keeps growing but so does my backlog of titles I haven’t even watched yet; Hayao Miyazaki is a creative genius. Role-playing games in the past have turned me into a social deviant; damn folks at Square-Enix. Anime and Video Game soundtrack imports are eating a hole in my credit card; Yoko Kanno’s musical compositions for Cowboy Bebop are priceless. I wish I had more time and money to keep up with the latest in Japanese music; indie artists like Indian Rope and Port of Notes deserve more exposure. Enough of my rambling, now please go and enjoy the rest of ffomake.

Contact: arun@ffomake.com


alias: Associate Editor

Words of Wisdom:

From classic to modern, musical compositions to animated works, virtual media to printed matter; I have a deep appreciation for all. As my namesake, my interests can range from one end of the spectrum to the other while covering all aspects in between. Like the wind, my passion for these things can be as a light breeze or a fierce gale. Like the wind, despite its intensity or lack thereof, it is always present. I am honoured to be a part of FFOmake and I truly hope that I can meet the expectations of this grand endeavour, as it in turn, continues to evolve into what I believe it can be.

Contact: kaze@ffomake.com


alias: Associate Video Game Writer

Words of Wisdom:

It sometimes feels like I have been playing video games since the beginning. I was lucky enough to be born into this world at a time when video games went from fringe hobby to world wide mainstream entertainment. I have seen blocks and bleeps turn into breathtaking images and sound that rival, and will someday surpass major motion pictures. I have seen the rise and fall of console hardware, add-ons, and mascots. Hell! I even chronicle my own life based upon the current console hardware’s lifespan! (The PS2 era didn’t go too well for me, gone are the good old days of the 16-bit golden age). All in all I have a great understanding and appreciation for the video game industry. I have had my eye on the video game industry for a long time now. So join me in continuing to follow it, as it grows and evolves into something we could never have imagined in this lifetime!


alias: Music Co-Editor / Assistant Japanese Translator

Words of Wisdom:

Music and language are two of my deepest passions. So, it's no surprise that once I started studying the Japanese language, I ended up listening to the music at some point. It's frightening how much useless knowledge I have about the Japanese music, musicians and music industry in general. Seriously, very frightening. I'll listen to just about everything and anything as long as I can find something good about it. I spend a lot of my time listening to music and romanizing/translating lyrics, but I also love games, dramas, and film. Yeah, I'll admit it, I'm a slave to the all-consuming beast known as popular media... and you should be too.

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