So Real Cru Invades Anime Matsuri

America's Best Dance Crew Season two runners up, So Real Cru, have become quite the phenomenon in the urban dance world. From their catchy "I'm So Real" punch line, to their clean and hard-hitting dance moves, this extremely talented group from Houston, Texas, continues to wow fans on a global scale. A video was just recently released that happens to contain footage of their visit to Anime Matsuri, an annual anime convention that takes place in Woodlands, Texas.

So Real Cru + Otaku = ?

Mass Hysteria! At least thats what it seemed like, when America's Best Dance Crew runners up, So Real Cru crashed the scene at Anime Matsuri. This high energy urban dance group from Houston, indulged themselves at this anime convention, as they playfully interacted with innocent and unsuspecting convention goers. Their level of enthusiasm is truly a joy to watch, especially how they reacted to the various costumes worn by fans for the event.

The video clip below is footage from So Real Cru's hometown dance tour. The Anime Matsuri segment, starts at 1:53 min and ends at 3:06. Yes! It is short. But the video clip is well worth seeing, since it contains some very good convention footage.

Anime Matsuri 2010 will be returning to Woodlands, Texas for the weekend of April 2-4.

So Real Cru - Hometown Tour

Official Website: So Real Cru
Convention: Anime Matsuri

- Thursday, September 10/09

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